I am a high school student at Torrey Pines High School that is interested in computer science.

Currently, I have two main research interests: applying string algorithms and data structures to bioinformatics problems, and evaluating the security and adversarial robustness of deep learning systems.

I also have other projects in machine learning, programming languages, and game development. I am generally interested in almost any computer science topic, and I enjoy applying algorithms to real-life problems.

I blog about research and programming here.


danielliu (at) liudaniel.com









I have template implementations of some commonly used algorithms for programming competitions, here.


I am fluent in Java and Python. I know some C/C++, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.


I previously used Eclipse for Java, PyCharm for Python, and later a complicated Visual Studio Code setup for Java, Python, and LaTeX, on a Windows computer. Currently, I use a simple Vim setup in VirtualBox, running Xubuntu (XFCE + Ubuntu), with a heavily customized look for most of my programming. I use Overleaf for writing LaTeX documents, Wordpress for blogging, and GitHub Pages for hosting this website.