daniel liu

👋🏼 hey hey!

I'm a first-year CS student @ UCLA and a software dev supporting two cute ELFIN CubeSats 🛰️ in space. I'll be interning @ 10x Genomics soon.

My fav activity is writing high-performance Rust, though I've also worked with C/C++, Java, and Python. Currently, I'm thinking about SIMD parallelism and embedded systems, but in the past I've taken an interest in

Previously, I did research @ OpenMined and UCSD, so I've authored multiple published papers and contributed to open source. I've also given talks and helped review conf/journal papers. In the far past, I've built a programming language, made games, and sold software. I was platinum rank in USACO, a Regeneron STS scholar, and an Apple WWDC scholar.

Sometimes, I blog about CS. For high school students who are interested in research, I have a list of opportunities I wish I'd known about when I started.

Consider visiting my GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Scholar. You can also email me at danielliu (at) liudaniel.com. I'm always interested in hearing about new opportunities.